The reasons for a visit

Henry James, addressing to a hypothetical visitor in his notebooks noted:

“…its first care will not be in a hurry, to walk everywhere very slowly and without goal and observe everything that his eyes meet…“

In any direction you look,it is kidnapped and it remains fascinated by” green Umbria”, rich in natural beauties, spring waters, rivers and lakes, charming historical towns, museums and theaters, archives and libraries, churches and extraordinary monuments.

In the heart of Umbria there is Assisi a small charming city, with a story very relevant and a religious role prominent worldwide. Arranged with shelves and built in stone the city presents itself as a vision of peace,synthesis of the wonders of the earth and of the genius of the man. On the north side – West emerge the Basilica of San Francesco and the Sacro Convento, to the center and to the towering bell towers, the tower of the town, the reddish color of the roofs, rusticity of the walls of the houses to make it a master. Narrow stairs and features fountains recreate a medieval atmosphere, from which it cannot escape. An overview simple and wonderful.

The residence

Just a few steps away from the Piazza of the town where you can find the Temple of Minerva, not far from the church of Santa Chiara and the Basilica of San Francesco, was born Portica10 located in the homonymous track from which it takes the name. For its central location allows guests to easily visit and enjoy the architectural wonders and naturalistic of the city.

The elegant structure, with inside the walls of the Roman era offers hospitality and tranquillity.

The bright and spacious rooms are furnished with unique style and elegant, equipped with comfortable modern bathrooms, smart LED TV 43 inches, with wifi free connection, minibar and safe.

Guests can also enjoy several common spaces internal and external, which will enable it to live the tranquillity of the place in front of a hot cup of tea or chocolate accompanied by good biscuits, reading a book or simply relax by watching the landscape that surrounds them.


See our structure before and after the renovation

Original Image Room 302 after
Modified Image Room 302 before
Original Image Room 201 after
Modified Image Room 201 before
Original Image Room 102 after
Modified Image Room 102 before